The all important League Table!

Who Will Win it?!

This table is important, but not as important as the table in the link below!

No, I’m not talking about the race for the Barclays Premier League Title or the fight to avoid relegation ( which in my opinion will both go down to the wire). I am talking about the updated University League Tables, yes thats right, you know the ones.

Whether you want to look at the rank of your University or how your course ranks against others, follow the link to discover all

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Practice makes Perfect!

So while most of us will be revising for those all important final exams in the summer. For some people these are not the only tests they will be concentrating on. Now is the time where employers are deciding which graduates/students will make it through to the next stage of selection and this generally means one thing – ONLINE TESTS!

One of these might help!

Unfortunately, there is no hidden formula on how to pass these tests because they are designed to be difficult and judge your ability to work under pressure. But, there is nothing suggesting that you can’t practice and become used to the way the tests work.

So, put the famous saying ‘practice makes perfect‘ into action! Follow the link provided and Practice!


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How to keep motivated and avoid final exam stress!

The end of February is not the time to relax as it’s not really that far until the summer light at the end of the tunnel appears-but how can you stay motivated?

Now January exams have passed you may be feeling as though a large weight off your shoulders has been lifted and that you can slack off for a few months until the next heavy duty revision period.

However, this just isn’t the case and I’m telling you now you’ll be as stressed as ever in a couple of months!

Combating this is a lot easier than you would imagine though, for example, if you’ve not already got a filing system in place for all your lecture notes, get on it now and spend an evening getting organised so you don’t waste time before your exams. Or if you find it hard to remember everything at the end of the year, spend as little as 10 minutes a day reviewing the days lectures. (Click here for more tips)

Stress is simple to overcome, it’s the motivation to do all these things that’s the problem. Check out Lifehack’s motivation tips (Click Here) for some effortless ideas. From cheeky rewards in treat form, to tracking your progress, the article is well worth a read.

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