How to keep motivated and avoid final exam stress!

The end of February is not the time to relax as it’s not really that far until the summer light at the end of the tunnel appears-but how can you stay motivated?

Now January exams have passed you may be feeling as though a large weight off your shoulders has been lifted and that you can slack off for a few months until the next heavy duty revision period.

However, this just isn’t the case and I’m telling you now you’ll be as stressed as ever in a couple of months!

Combating this is a lot easier than you would imagine though, for example, if you’ve not already got a filing system in place for all your lecture notes, get on it now and spend an evening getting organised so you don’t waste time before your exams. Or if you find it hard to remember everything at the end of the year, spend as little as 10 minutes a day reviewing the days lectures. (Click here for more tips)

Stress is simple to overcome, it’s the motivation to do all these things that’s the problem. Check out Lifehack’s motivation tips (Click Here) for some effortless ideas. From cheeky rewards in treat form, to tracking your progress, the article is well worth a read.

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Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook?

So after another night of takeaway food, whether it be pizzas, an Indian or even a kebab, maybe its time to think about cooking?


Cooking may seem a difficult skill to grasp, but although certain meals may require time and effort, there are a lot of simple meals that even students can make to see us through the week. The Independent have put together a list of ten meals that most students should be able to prepare, so to become the next Jamie Oliver read the list of meals on the link provided- Cooking Time

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Pre-drink with class with these student ‘budget-friendly’ cocktails!

For most of us, pre-drinking before a night out usually begins with own brand spirits or cheap beer’s and wine’s- but this is where it stops!

Did you know that just by mixing a few budget soft drinks together, you can turn these throat burning liquids into tastes that can only be described at heavenly?

Take a look at these 10 cocktails that you can make on a student budget. From Martini’s to Mojito’s there’s a drink for everyone!

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Make your items sell for more on eBay!!

As students we all love eBay. Whether it’s selling old clothes, kitchen utensils or no longer needed books- there’s always someone that will be willing to hand over their virtual cash.

Burscough Giant Car Boot Sale

Slow down though! You may think it’s easy and think that you don’t need to read on, but you could be missing out on extra money that you’d be stupid to say no to.

From choosing the right category to listing your item at prime time, has laid out the dos and don’ts to make it worth that extra bit more worthwhile for your back pocket.

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Being the perfect housemate


We’ve discussed house hunting and how to pick a housemate, but do you know how to BE the perfect housemate?

You may think you’re an alright person to live with, but have no doubt, your fellow peers will pick up on your worst traits faster than you can unpack!

So how do you disguise them? Take a look at this guide from The Guardian, giving you some helpful suggestions and tricks to mask those undesirable characteristics that may single you out and make your life hell.

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Picking the perfect housemate

If you’re not a picky person then now is definitely the time to start! When it comes down to choosing your future housemates it’s tough, but may have to be mean and make the best decision for yourself. (Though that’s not saying you should leave somebody stranded.)

Being friends with someone in halls doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be able to live in a house with them- especially if you have a standard of cleanliness you like to uphold!

Basically, what I am trying to tell you is:

  • Take your time.
  • Don’t say yes straight away.
  • Be aware you can’t make everybody happy.
  • Be prepared to see a different side to people.
  • Read the for more advice!

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